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  • Product Code: W908

Waboba Recreation Station Floorstand

Product Description

Showcase the complete Waboba range with the Recreation Station. 

Mix and match products however you'd like. Our compact, four-sided, rotating floor stand offers versatile solutions to suit a variety of merchandizing options.

If you enquire, we may offer this product to you with no charges on orders valued over $1500 placed on Waboba products *only* 


? Adaptable shelves 

? No video required - QR codes on packaging

? Use pegs on any side  

? Locking wheels 

? Transform shelves into bulk bins by adding wall 

? Includes 6 shelves, 4 bulk bin walls, and 20 pegs  

? Size: 135 x 71.5 x 27.5 cm 

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