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  • Product Code: F-SW001

Swurfer Swingboard

Product Description

*Carton Quantity: 4

Surf the air! Swurfer Swingboard is reinventing the backyard swing. Its unique, curved shape allows you to soar through the air ? providing more power, moves, and fun than a regular swing!

Each Swingboard is individually shaped, sanded, and finished by hand to ensure optimum quality and safety. Adjustable handles for any height great for a little one looking for a calm swing and for big kids looking for excitement. It?s great for improving core body strength, balance, and toning leg and arm muscles.

Sets up in minutes and comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions and all necessary components. Swurfer can be attached to any strong structure such as a tree, verandah and swing set.

  • Includes Swingboard, 60? UV/mildew resistant rope, 1 set adjustable handles
  • Handcrafted 100% hardrock maple wood with UV and water resistant finish
  • Great for adults and kids ages 6+
  • Maximum weight 90kg
  • Board measures 84cm x 25.5cm


*DISCLAIMER: Swinging with the Swurfer involves inherent risk that can cause serious injury or even death. Purchasers and users assume all risk, responsibility and liability for use of The Swurfer, The Natural Balance Board, and any other products of Flybar Inc. including any resulting loss or damage to persons or property. Flybar Inc. assumes no liability arising from the use or application of any of its products and specifically disclaims any and all consequential and incidental damages. Flybar Inc. makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the safety or suitability of its products for any given purpose. The purchaser or user assumes the responsibility for installation and assembly. Please check the ropes before each use, be aware of your surroundings, and Swurf safely.

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