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  • Product Code: 405802

Multipack Dart Case


Product Description

The Formula Sports Multipack Dart Case is made from a tough and durable polyester material with the exterior featuring a heavy duty double zipper closure and reinforced carry handle. Inside is a soft padded lining and a strong plastic insert to maintain rigidity that protects the darts and accessories. 

The Multipack Case holds two sets of fully assembled darts. Darts are slotted in between the foam separators allowing enough space that flights do not become crushed. The case can also hold many spare accessories inside. Use the 15 material flight slots, 2 plastic tubes and other compartments to safely stow away your accessories 

  • Holds 2 sets of fully assembled darts. 
  • Heavy duty zip closure & carry handle. 
  • Hard shell case with padded lining. 
  • Compartments for 15 flights & small accessories.
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