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  • Product Code: W106145E04_SB

Mini & Tropical Kahuna Twin Pack (each)

Product Description

Can't decide what Waboba ball to choose? Why not get both! The Waboba Mini and Tropical Kahuna Twin Pack gives the best of both worlds with the new range of gel water bouncing balls and the ever popular foam bouncing ball.

About Mini:

Small but mighty! A mini water bouncing Waboba ball for when you want to make a big bounce in a little way. Bounce it on water like skipping a stone. Best for oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

  • Features signature gel core 
  • Smaller than Original 
  • Soft & squishy 
  • Easy to bounce & catch 
  • Age: 6+

About Tropical Kahuna:

It?s always summer somewhere with this paradise-themed Waboba ball! The Tropical Kahuna's large foam design makes it great for pools and the whole family. 

  • Bounces on water 
  • Best for the pool, lake, or ocean
  • Great for family vacation fun
  • Size: 90 mm / 3.5 inch diameter
  • Ages 6+
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